• Éadaoin Fitzmaurice

Financial Woes To Financial Grows - Getting To That Happy Place

I have to say the biggest shock for me going into adulthood was money. It had never been something I ever had to worry about growing up - rent was free, the fridge was always filled; bins, bills, Wifi? covered.

During my first year of employment I used to literally feel sick whenever I had to tap my card. I didn't want to go out on nights out, I didn't want to buy new clothes, I didn't want to get my nails or hair done and frankly, I was riddled with financial anxiety and... misery.

What I didn't know however was that everyone goes through this - the unpaid internships, the broke-state during a degree, the shit graduate wage.

There are some things they don't teach you in school, aye?

Think about this - at that age you're literally the poorest you'll probably ever be if you get into an uphill climb in your career path. You're scraping pennies on a daily basis but working your ass off and you're probably paying the most rent you'll ever pay because typically people couple up as they get older and guess what? Rent is split in half!

To think that there's literally no support in place from the Gov for this is ridiculous (especially when rent is this insane), but ANYWAY, I won't rant about that today.

Today, I want to talk about the positives.

Over the last month or so I've finally stopped worrying about money the way I used to. I did a shop online the other day and bought several items, I just booked a hair appointment, I went to a dance class!

These seem so small but they're great achievements for me.

I don't suffer from anxiety but I have to tell you paying for any of the above would have literally killed me a year or two ago and I would have been thinking about it for weeks before and after, trying to fit it into my budget.

My friends, family and workplace all assured me that time and patience is a great thing and hard work pays off - how right they were.

I pushed myself to get out of that state and I'm finally starting to feel comfortable and stable. I can start to see savings at the end of the month which is truly a glorious thing.

I worked really hard at my job and proved to them I was worth promoting. I started doing my side hustles which have brought me so much joy as well as financial gain and all in all, I now feel as though I can completely look after myself. I don't have to shamefully text my Mam at the end of the month looking for a dig out and that feels fucking great.

Hey, I'm no millionaire, I'm still very much living on what I make because Dublin's so expensive but having a little bit extra every month has really helped.

A lot.

They say money can't buy happiness but when you get to a point of financial stability, it's the best feeling ever.

If you're at the shitty stage just remember, you'll get there - it gets easier.

Just keep ticking away at the dream, knocking on doors, working your lil bum bum off and proving your worth until you're paid it.

I have to say a huge thank you to all of you guys for supporting me and following along this journey. My aim is to share my experiences with you and be open about the difficulties I face and also about how things do get better. I rarely hear anyone talking about this kind of thing so today I wanted to share this little air punch with you guys and also open it up for conversation.

Much love to you all,

Bandeadd xxx


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