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Five Bangin' Brunch Spots In Dublin

Y'all know I'm just as much of a cold, shiny, hard carbon copy of the next Millennial, so I love keeping up with my trends and of course, brunch is my favourite meal.

Dublin is absolutely laced in brunch spots too which is pure deadly but let's be real... It's become a little less exciting than it once was, mostly because it's all the exact same no matter where you go.

Well, don't you worry your little cotton socks about it - I got you.

I've been eating my way around Dublin the last year and I've been hunting down the best spots.

Here's five that make my heart sing and my tastebuds tingle:

1. Clanbrassil House

I walked past Clanbrassil House hundreds of times without realising that it was one of the most impressive restaurants in the city.

This brunch menu takes a step away from the usual and offers intriguing combinations and flavours. It was created by the crazy talented Head Chef Gráinne O Keefe who has worked in many other impressive venues such as Pichet and BuJo.

It's a cosy and simple spot, a few tables with high-stools at the front a some tucked away at the back. There's no need for fuss in the interior - it's all down to the food.

There's around five main dishes to choose from on the menu, along with some snacks for the table and sides.

This gourmet brunch is like no other.

2. Meet Me In The Morning

Meet Me In The Morning has one of the most unique menus around.

What I love most however, is that it's all locally foraged.

The owner Kevin can tell you where every single thing on your plate came from, none of it being far from the capital.

Inside you'll see Polaroid photos hung across the wall. They have been sent to the café anonymously each week for the last few years.

There’s always a buzz around this place and the food never fails to impress.

3. Póg

Póg takes Instagrammable food to a whole new level.

Not even an Irish Mammy could take a bad photo of these beautiful dishes.

Best of all, it's super healthy! (most of the time)

I'm still hoping to check out their new spot, I have high hopes for it.

4. Little Frieda's

There's something so special about a neighbourhood café.

It becomes a haven for you to go and nurse a coffee, catch up with friends and tuck into some tasty grub when you need it most.

There's always a warm, welcoming atmosphere and you come to know everyone that works there, and they know you're order.

Little Frieda's is exactly that.

Specialty coffees and tasty grub, sure you can't go wrong.

Their saucy eggs are up there as one of my all-time fave dishes.

5. Eathos

I call this place the Apple Store of brunch spots.

It's entirely white inside, it almost looks futuristic. As soon as you walk in the contrast between these gleaming counter tops and the vibrant salads will ignite your senses and set your tummy rumbling.

The pièce de résistance however, is the stunning acai bowls.

Just LOOK:

Got any more to add to the list?

Share them below!

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