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Get Over Yourself - The Three Words I Live By And Why

The best thing I ever did was getting over myself.

You may have read the headline of this little piece and thought "Oh what, was she full of herself?", frankly, no - I'm just as self-deprecating as the next Tom, Dick and Harry.

Today I'm going to let you in on a lil secret though - one that I've been using my whole life, saying to myself:

Get over yourself.

But what exactly does this mean?

Well, it can apply to any situation but basically, it refers to those situations where you big things up in your head that no one else gives a shit about and really doesn't matter at all. It prevents me from holding myself back.

For example: You have to give a speech to hundreds of people but your pooping yourself for fear that you'll mess up a line or someone will think your lame.

Get over yourself.

Realistically, no one is out to see you fail, no one really cares that much and hey, if they do f*ck them. The only reason this situation seems like a death sentence is because you've made it one in your mind. Stop thinking that it's all on you, that every single person that's there has their main focus on you. You're well able for it and if you do it well, sure they'll only have good things to say.

Say you're going to the gynaecologist and you're pure morto.

Get over yourself.

They've probably looked at a million vaginas in their day, they are professionals - they're not there to judge your bits. Relax.

Say you really fancy someone and you want to ask them out but you're too shy.

Get over yourself.

Stop letting your self doubt get the better of you and hold you back from new opportunities. If you do it, no matter what the outcome, you'll have your answer by the end instead of spending weeks thinking about it. Even if they don't feel the same way you'll come out feeling positive because you were brave and ballsy.

Go on, ye lil rockehh, ye!

It's just an entire new perspective, a different way of thinking but believe me, it works.

I put my face out there online every day and now it seems normal but at first I was terrified. Sure even when setting up this website or writing this article I thought to myself "is this shite, am I a joke?"

I got over myself and I've been able to push the boundaries I created for myself in my head. I've been able to do what I actually really wanted to do but was too scared to do at first. I've learned to take the chance because I'd rather live learning by my mistakes than never making any at all.

So go on try it:

Get over yourself!

Much love,

Bandeadd xox

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