• Éadaoin Fitzmaurice

Get Snap Happy At Dublin's Most Instagrammable Restaurants

It seems that in this day and age, people aren't just going to restaurants for the food, they're hoping to get a killer pic for the gram.

As laughable as this reality is, I have to put my hands up and say I have participated in such millennial activities.

My job involves eating a lot of food and visiting a lot of venues, so it's only natural that I get a little snap happy every time I'm around it - it's the content I'm most interested in.

Here's some places that have appeared on my own Instagram feed as of late and that I think are slick as hell:

1. Póg

Neon lights are so on trend right now and this is one of my favourites. As well as a funky interior, póg serves up some of the prettiest dishes I've ever laid eyes on.

No filter needed.


Turquoise tiles, a green neon cactus and little plates = savage Insta pics without much effort.

If all else fails, a boomerang of stringy cheese or drippy sauce will never disappoint.

3. Mad Egg

Chicken burger heaven.

Their DIY cheesecake is one of the most Instagrammed desserts in the entire city tbh.

4. WOWBurger

Bright block colours to entice scrolling eyes.

The WOWBurger in Ranelagh is key for a good snap, try the upstairs - it's usually pretty quiet up there so you can vogue-out!

5. Pot Bellied Pig

Baby pink walls and an iconic delicate booth - Pot Bellied Pig in Rathmines is one of the girliest, prettiest and most wonderful places to eat.

The staff are great craic and they'd have no bother taking a snap for you.

6. Bubble Waffle Factory

It looks like a highlighter threw up on the walls here but I kinda love it.

Bubble waffles are an Instagram-hun's dream - quirky, chocolatey and visually stunning.

7. The Art Of Coffee

I mean, for this coffee table alone...

8. Candlelight Bar

The funkiest looking cocktails around, you can't order one of these without taking a picture of it.

This cute lil llama is my new fave.

Where's your favourite spot for a nibble and a mini photoshoot in Dublin?


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