• Éadaoin Fitzmaurice

How Perfectionism Can Actually Impede You From Achieving Your Goals

Lately, I've been reading/listening to/watching a lot about content creation. I've never been one to read self-help books but hearing other content creators share their advice and knowledge has really given me a buzz to work away on my side-hustles, a.k.a this website and my YouTube channel.

One of the best and most interesting pieces of advice came from Casey Neistat.

"You can never let your desire for perfection prevent you from finishing something that's good. To finish something, even imperfectly is to learn from it and then you can move on and get closer to perfection."

In this video, Casey talks about how we often shove our projects to the side because they aren't "perfect" and we keep chipping away at them slowly which is silly because often times they're left incomplete.

Not finishing something is preventing you from creating new projects or goals. It's so much better to always be creating - if it's not 1000% perfect, isn't it better to upload it and learn from your mistakes than to create nothing at all?

Be a closer, not a loser.

Stop thinking of your project or work as "precious", thinking this way means you'll prevent yourself from making a load of content and learning as you go along.

I adore this way of thinking, most of the time the biggest block in my path to success, or in creating the content I should be is... me.

I often worry that my argument hasn't come across correctly, that my editing isn't strong enough, that my content isn't slick enough. Having good content is important but more often times than none, people aren't even going to notice the pieces you've been nit-picking over.

It creates a pessimistic view on the work you've put in and it makes it even harder to continue to produce work in the future.

For 2019, I'm going to try become a closer.

I've been going back to the same post for my website for over a week now, I just wanted to make sure I got my point across correctly. Because of this, I've been struggling to write anything else until that's finished.

It's funny how a different perspective can change your work ethic.

Now is the time to create, let's make sh*t happen! Would you like to see a list of the YouTubers I've been watching lately that have given me a little inspo buzz to create again?


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