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My Favourite Spots In Dublin For Date Night

Date night has quickly become my favourite weekly occasion.

Before my current relationship I was chronically single and I wasn't mad into dating at all,

so starting off the whole concept was pretty foreign to me - and therefore very exciting.

As the months flew by, I found my boyfriend and I were seeing very little of each other as we were both caught up with work, hobbies, meeting other friends etc. It was so easy to fall into takeaway nights, getting sucked into a movie and not having a proper catch up.

To remedy this we decided to have a proper date night every week or so.

We both get a little jazzed up, we pick a place we love, we put time and effort into each other and we stay off our phones (apart from when I take a picture of our meal, of course!). It's just a really great way of spending quality time together and as an added bonus, we get to indulge in some delicious food and drinks.

With Valentines Day fast-approaching, I'm sure you're looking for some romantic inspiration - and you've come to the right place tbh.

Here are my all-time favourite spots in Dublin for a cute date night:

Terra Madre

Terra Madre is up there as one of my favourite places in Dublin. It's a teeny tiny authentic family-run Italian restaurant with a rustic charm. Inside there's only about five of six tables, so you're always guaranteed to have an intimate meal and time to interact with the staff.

The food is beyond delicious. It's a simple menu, only a couple of options but everything is fresh and taken from recipes passed down through generations. They also serve decadent wine, play easy jazz and usually have a few romantic candles alight around the place for added ambiance.

It's one of those places I always dream of going back to and I'm impressed by every time I do go back.

Try their truffle ravioli - you'll literally faint.

Candlelight Bar

Tucked away upstairs in Dundrum Town Centre is unsuspectingly the coolest cocktail bar in Dublin - Welcome to Candlelight Bar.

Everything about this venue is date night goals, dimly lit candlelight, quirky cocktails and live piano. Whether it's your first date or your 127th, there's such a wow factor to this spot, this mainly comes from their intriguing menu.

The whole menu is designed using star signs and each matches up to which cocktail or spirit suits your character. It's the most interactive menu I've ever seen and it's a great conversation starter.

The cocktails are really well priced and the creativity put into them is out of this world. You'll find bathtub gins, robots, llamas, light bulbs and treasure chests filled with delicious mixes created by Darren, the master cocktail maker.

This place really is a hidden gem and anyone looking for a date night to remember should check it out.

Mulberry Garden

Mulberry Garden is the perfect place for an occasion meal in Dublin. From the moment I sat down there I had a huge smile on my face. It looks like a cute country house from the outside but inside it has a much more elegant charm to it.

If there was ever a place that deserves a Michelin Star in Dublin this is it.

Everything from the tablecloth to the paintings on the wall, the carrots to the cheeseboard is Irish made - I mean, you guys already know how happy that makes me.

My meal here was honestly one of the best I've had and I'm still talking about it a year later, simply stunning. A set menu comes in at a reasonable €55, for what you get it's a steal.

I might just have to start dropping hints to my beau for my birthday in March.

BuJo Burger Joint

Great food without the fancy frills.

Sometimes for date night I just want to sink my teeth into something I know will never fail. BuJo Burger Joint is my happy place, for casual date nights this is always my first choice.

They make arguably the best burger in Dublin and their handspun milkshakes are drool-worthy.

There's a deadly vibe to the place, the staff are beyond sound and the owner is one of the nicest people I've met in my time as a food journalist - such a hero.

Time and time again I find myself begging my boyfriend if we can go back to BuJo and every time we do we both leave shaking our heads in disbelief to how tasty it was.


Ooooh Ananda.

Who knew Indian cuisine that isn't chicken Tikka or Korma could be so fantastically tasty? In fact, so much better.

This is top tier stuff - everything is beautifully presented, bursting with flavour and full of character.

It is sure to tantalize your taste buds and leave you in awe.

Where's your favourite place for date night?


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