• Éadaoin Fitzmaurice

My Opinion On The Latest Irish Award Shows Controversy

Why are the same people being shortlisted time and time again?

Over the last week or so my Instagram has been flooded with people complaining about award shows in Ireland and how the same people appear every year.

I found myself on some random blog that was bashing the Gossies asunder for the shortlist chosen. I continued to scroll and found many other pieces of content just like it. Soon after I received a message from a follower asking for my opinion on the matter, so here it is:

Goss.ie specifically advertises itself as a showbiz and celeb gossip website. Every piece of content they create will follow that ethos, events are no different. The people that the site will invite and shortlist are going to reflect this as they will want to see them on the red carpet for publicity and content.

From what I can see there's only two categories that are solely based on social media at the Gossies. The people that are chosen for these awards are also interlinked in showbiz, for example James Kavanagh on Virgin Media and James Patrice on RTÉ.

The chosen influencers also have a shit tonne of followers - the Goss.ie audience most definitely follow them and engage highly with content related to them on the site.

For that reason, you won't see a quirky, cool alt chick with a smaller following on the list.

Obviously, I'd love to see these kind of accounts getting some of the spotlight and winning awards, but do I think the Gossies is the right place to see that?

Absolutely not.

The Gossies is an event that suits its website.

Instead of bashing such events, I propose an awards solely dedicated to social media influences/bloggers/content creators. It's such a huge industry right now, I'm quite baffled such a thing doesn't exist already!. .

This would be a great way to give content creators the recognition they deserve, celebrate their hard work, give them a chance to meet up and create new ideas and relationships and add credentials to their profiles.

It would also be an amazing way to show how powerful this industry really is.

So how's about it?

The Irish Social Media Awards 2019, also known as the #ISMA's

It's catchy aint it?

I really want to make this happen, comment below if you'd be interested too!

Much love,

Bandeadd x


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