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Want To Work In Media? Here's How To Tap Into The Industry

One of the most common questions I get asked on my social media platforms is "how did you get started in media?"

The media industry is an interesting place to be right now. With the rise in social media and technology, so much is changing. Let me start by saying it's a very challenging industry but if you love what you do you'll enjoy it.

If media is a place you see yourself and your passions and skills slot into, yay for you - welcome to the cluuub.

Here's some of my top tips for getting your lil footsies in the door:

1. Decide What Strand Of Media You're Interested In

This seems obvious but it's definitely worth highlighting.

Finding out what area in the media you want to work in will help you set a good foot on the right track. Whether it's print, online, TV or radio, look into what kind of job within those areas you could see yourself in.

2. Keep An Eye On Job Websites & Glam Up Your CV

Also, another obvious one but websites such as Jobbio are a great place to look for a job. A lot of big companies have a newsletter subscription you can sign up to where they'll email you anytime a job related to your interest pops up.

Make sure your CV stands out from the rest. If you're going into the creative industry, you'll want your CV to show off your skills. Embedding a vimeo link to a showreel is key as well - try keep your showreel under 10 mins or else they'll get bored.

Here's an example of what my CV looks like:

3. Find The People You Need To Contact

If you want to write for your favourite website, read through the articles and you'll most likely come across the editor or manager. More often times than none, their email or social handle will be attached to their profile under their article - give them a message and send them on samples of your work.

If you're into TV, look up the credits after the TV show, if you're into radio you're bound to find them on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Don't be afraid - write a good cover letter, show off that sexy CV and prove to them why you're unreal by showing them how creative you are.

4. Work On Your Own Projects

This ties in to the point above.

Practice makes perfect, as they say. Work on your own projects on the side, build up your showreel, portfolio and CV with these pieces as you go along. This is also a great way to build your reputation and have your talents noticed.

5. Ask For Help

Irish people seem to shit it when it comes to asking for help and the funny thing about it is Irish people are the friendliest and most helpful souls.

Whenever you ask for help, people tend to go above and beyond to give you their wise words of wisdom - if they don't, f*ck them for being an A-hole.

Everyone has to start somewhere and people don't forget that struggle so of course, the majority would want to give you a hand.

6. Start Small And Work Your Way Up

Don't expect to land the "dream gig" because you have a shiny degree or unique skills. Working in media, one of the main things I've learned is that it takes time to climb the ladder, build reputation and be given the chance to take on the challenge.

Little wins add up to big achievements so chip away at the dream and you'll get there.

7. Be Seen By Potential Employers

Don't hide away and pray that your CV or showreel will be enough.

I've always said:

"Picture a team meeting looking for a missing piece, you want someone in that room to go ' hey isn't there that girl/guy who is really good at XYZ, they'd be perfect"

Social media is your friend.

If you want to be a presenter - get on Youtube.

If you have great opinions - set up a blog.

If you're really talented on radio - make a podcast.

Become the go-to person for your own niche.

8. Ask Lecturers To Send You On Jobs

If you studied media, ask your lecturers to send you on any job opportunities they receive from companies. They're also a great person to ask for a reference if you haven't got any media-related ones just yet.

9. Never Stop Learning

There's always more to learn and it's good to keep that brain ticking.

YouTube is an amazing place for tutorials of every and any kind and podcasts are a fab way to inspire yourself.

10. Chase That Dream

Believe in yourself and you can achieve anything.

Much love,

Bandeadd xx


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