• Éadaoin Fitzmaurice

What's It Really Like Going To Influencer Events?

The burning question...

The influencer world seems quite enigmatic to those outside of it, watching from the screens of their phones or hearing the goss over lunch with their mates.

Some of the most common questions I get from my friends is "What is she like in person?" "Is that real?"

I have to admit, even I'm interested by it - people I've met are completely different in real life and events can contrast hugely from how they look online.

So what's it really like?

With my job, I go to events every night of the week - that's no exaggeration.

Over the last while I've been taking it all in and today I want to share some real, raw opinions.

Disclaimer: I'm not here to slate anyone or any events, I love going to them. I just get asked about this and I've decided to share my personal experiences.


Every event is different - one crowd can create a completely different atmosphere to the next. Some are genuinely so fun, everyone is sound, others... not so much.

Over time you learn which ones are up your street, which ones you'll feel comfortable at and which you should steer clear from.

The events I go to now and cover on my Instagram story are usually ones I really want to be, and enjoy being at.

The main piece of information I want to share with you today is don't believe everything you see.

I've been to events and when I've come home after them, I've checked the Insta stories of the personalities who showed on the night and it looks nothing like it really was - it looks like they are having so much fun, they were dancing all night, they were all so sociable. When I was there these moments were recorded in 15 second bursts before everyone retreated to their phone screens for twenty minutes without speaking.

I've been to events where I've walked in, did a circle of the room and left straight away because I felt really uncomfortable with the social setting and was looked up and down.

I've seen people arrive at an event, take one photo, grab their free goodie bag and leave, then post about how great the event was.

I've sat at a table for a meal with a group of influencers and no one spoke because they were all on their phones. Hey, at the end of the day they were all doing their jobs - they were there to share it online. I just still find it all a bit crazy I guess.

Some influencers can be shockingly rude and egotistical but others are what makes going to the events worthwhile and I've made some great friends through them.

The problem here however is that people compare their lives to these "fun-looking" event stories and feel pessimistic about their own lives.

Just remember -not all of it is real.

Everyone socialiases in different ways - you probably go to the pub with your mates on a Thursday evening for a few scoops - influencers go to events, it's part of the lifestyle.

Even though they're there to have fun, there can be pressure on them from the brand or PR company that invited them to get a shot for their feed, use a certain hashtag and glorify it even though they weren't enjoying it.

It's not all glitz and glam, it's business too.

You're life isn't boring because you weren't invited to the launch of a new sock line.

-Remember that.

Over the next while on my website I want to start posting some "real talk", having the chats about things that people might shy away from and open up conversation.

Is there anything you'd like to know?

Leave it in the comments below!